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I was 48-years-old and my body was nearly half fat. My BMI was 48.5% I was ashamed. Humiliated. How did I let myself get this way? I had to put my foot up on a chair to tie my shoes and just doing so left me gasping for air. 

I hated riding in the car with others. I knew they could see the way my belly jiggled when the car moved or went over bumps. I dreaded being in one of the cars where the seat belt wouldn't fit around me, and when it did happen I'd just pull the seat belt on and hold it down with my elbow so it "looked" normal and hoped that we didn't have an accident.

Oh, no. I can't get these pants to zip up. This shirt is getting too tight to wear. It was time to go to the next larger clothing size. This was when I decided that I was NOT going to let the clothes win, again. It was time to take control and I knew I needed help. I reached out to a friend who just happened to work at the Y. I told her about my goal to lose 120 pounds and that I needed help. I told her how embarrassed I was to go to the gym because I was so overweight. I told her that I knew this life change would be difficult, but I was determined and I would work hard. I just needed help finding the path back to healthy. She didn't laugh. She didn't tell me that my goal was a joke. Instead she said, "We will help you." My heart and spirits soared. With those simple words, I felt a glimmer of HOPE.

My friend put me in touch with a trainer and we came up with an ambitious training schedule of four days per week. When we started out I was so unhealthy that I could barely walk a lap around the track without my heart rate soaring to a critical level. My trainer didn't laugh at me - she made it fun. I am proud to say that I am no longer embarrassed to be at the Y because I am actively changing my life. My workout schedule has now grown to six days a week with two uniquely gifted trainers. They create workouts that are always different and are anything but routine. I love working out in the weight room and am happy to report that the guys in there don't make fun of the old fat girl! My trainers know what I can do and they constantly challenge me to do more. I am now in training to jog my first 5k and heart rate rarely goes into the "panic the trainer" level any more. 

Woman exercise ballFor me, working with personal trainers who are committed to helping me attain my goal is the cornerstone to what will become my success. They push me harder than I would ever push myself, and they encourage and support me. They have become a part of my extended family. And most of all, they don't see the person I am, but they see the person I am going to be. They are shaping my core, shaping my muscles so that when this fat is gone, the healthy beautiful person they've helped sculpt will be revealed. In just a few months I have lost nearly 30 pounds and reduced my body fat by 5%. I'm on my way! HOPE now shines.

One of the humbling side effects of the workouts is the encouragement from the other Y members who say that my sweat and determination have become an inspiration for them. It's fair to say I've become addicted to working out and becoming healthy and fit. But most importantly, I feel ALIVE again and EMPOWERED to change my body and my lift. I'm so grateful for the support from all of the staff members at the Y. To me, they are the heroes in this success story for they have truly saved my life.


Monday - Thursday

5:00a - 10:00p
5:00a - 8:30p
7:00a - 6:00p
Noon - 6:00p

Pools close 1/2 hour before the Y closes.

Child Watch
Monday - Friday 8:00a - 1:00p
Monday - Thursday 4:00p - 8:00p
Friday Evenings Closed
Saturday 8:00a - Noon
Sunday Closed


  • Large Wellness Center with cutting-edge cardio and strength training equipment
  • Trained, Helpful Staff
  • Conference room
  • Family locker rooms
  • Group exercise studio
  • TRX Suspension Training system
  • Group cycling room
  • Free-weight room
  • Complimentary exercise towel service
  • Unlimited Group Exercise Classes
  • Certified Group Exercise Instructors
  • Indoor competition pool consisting of 25 yards, 6 lanes, and 2 diving boards
  • Indoor family pool with water slide, splash pad and whirlpool area
  • Indoor running/walking track with warm-up/cool-down area
  • Locker rooms with dry-heat saunas
  • Multi-purpose gym for tennis, soccer and gymnastics
  • Handball and racquetball court
  • Game room complete with foosball, air hockey, ping pong, carpet ball, pool, Nintendo Wii, and Dance Dance Revolution
  • Two full-court basketball gyms
  • Two volleyball courts
  • Wireless internet lounge
  • Complimentary Wellness evaluations
  • Wellness "Key" system included in membership to track your fitness progress and goals.
  • Certified Personal Trainers
  • Three free guest passes per membership per year



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The mission of the Wabash County YMCA is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.