Wabash County YMCA Policies


By voluntary participation in YMCA programs, our members, guests, and participants are expected to abide by the policies and procedures outlined below.  If you have questions, please contact us.  Policies are subject to change.


We believe that the experience of Y members, program participants, and guests should be guided by what is best for the safe and healthy development of a person.  Our members and participants have a unique opportunity for growing and thriving. It is essential that we are mindful of each person’s physical, emotional, and developmental needs.  We must also be particularly diligent in recognizing their unique vulnerabilities.


The Wabash County YMCA prohibits the harassment, intimidation or bullying of any member, guest, program participant, staff or volunteer.


Bullying, or harassment, is defined as any intentional written, verbal or physical act directed towards another person that causes mental or physical harm and is perceived as being dehumanizing, intimidating, hostile, humiliating, threatening or otherwise likely to invoke fear of physical harm or emotional distress.  This policy includes cyber bullying through the use of internet, cell phone, text messages, computers or other electronic devices.


Acts deemed to be harassment should be reported to the CEO or VP of Operations  immediately. Anyone who engages in harassment or bullying of another person at the Wabash County YMCA, our grounds, facilities, and offsite program areas will be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to termination of membership privileges and/or program participation.


Any use of electronic devices including, but not limited to: phone calls, texting, taking photos and/or videos, or internet use is prohibited while in all locker rooms and restrooms.

  • When using an electronic device in YMCA program areas, the below expectations must be met:

    • Pictures and videos should only be of individuals in the member’s party.

    • Do not take pictures of other program participants.

    • If staff feel this is being abused, members may be asked to stop and delete any pictures and/or videos.