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New Offering: 12-Week Health Coaching Program

Your whole wellbeing is our mission. Our newly expanded wellness coaching program provides the support, accountability, motivation, and information you need to reach your goals.



Sponsored by the Parkview Wabash Hospital Community Health Improvement Fund

During weekly meetings over 12 weeks, our coach will help you establish goals, make plans to reach them, and easily track your progress. In weeks three, six, and nine, health seminars will give you ideas and information about topics that are relevant to your success and in weeks seven and ten, you’ll be connected with others in your cohort who are on the same journey.

The first cohort is enrolling in June 2018. Register at the Member Services Desk today to reserve your spot.

New coaching program benefits include:

1-on-1 private consultation

Group seminars

body composition assessment



The WABASH COUNTY YMCA Coaching Program is improved and expanded for 2018, and 80% of past participants have said that the YMCA Coaching Program helped them reach their goals.



The 12-week program is just $20 for members and financial assistance is available.

Thanks to the Parkview Wabash Hospital Community Health Improvement Fund for sponsoring the WABASH COUNTY YMCA Coaching Program.

Our coaching program is led by SARAH CARPENTER:

YMCA Group Exercise Instructor Certified

YMCA Strength and Conditioning Instructor Certified

YMCA Personal Trainer Certified

CPR & AED Certified

TRX Instructor Certified

ACE Health Coach Certified

Sarah Carpenter discovered her passion for exercise as a new member of the YMCA in the summer of 2010 when she started in group classes and joined the Running Club. Sarah is a mom to three boys and leads a physical activity class once a month with the Wabash County Head Start Classes.

Visit the Member Services Desk to register today!

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