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The concept of communities banding together to meet the needs of others is not a new concept. During World War II, “fishes” were a headquarters of goods and services. These headquarters were identified with the Greek symbol for “fish.” This symbol has also become known for recognition and hospitality among Christians. This concept expanded throughout the world with success.

In 1980, this concept of hospitality, service, and faith moved into Wabash County after the Wabash Ministerial Association suggested Friends in Service Here (FISH)’s development. During early years, FISH’s success was thanks to committed volunteers and churches who took hotline calls in their homes and delivered food to recipients in the name of Jesus Christ. In 1994, the City of Wabash donated a headquarters in the basement of the Women’s Club House on Hill Street. Since 1994, many more blessings have been donated that allow for FISH to continue to serve those who need assistance.

On average FISH serves 300+ families in Wabash County monthly providing food and other donated items to individuals in need. This service could not be accomplished without the graciousness of the community of Wabash County. When asked about the blessings she has seen during her time at FISH, Janet Shoue’s gratitude was evident. Shoue explained how individuals have donating hundreds of pounds of meat and companies donating their time, staff, and resources to pick up shipments monthly.

One overwhelming blessing has been individuals volunteers and their work. FISH is in existence thanks to volunteers who sort, organize, and prepare food to be picked up. Without volunteers FISH would not be able to serve families. FISH is always looking for additional volunteers, especially during times of large donations.

  • To volunteer your time call 260-563-5151 during business hours or leave a message.

  • To obtain food from FISH, you need to be hungry and be able to demonstrate residence in Wabash county. If you are seeking food, please call 260-563-5151 during business hours or leave them a message. This provides FISH the opportunity to prepare your food for pick-up.

  • Business hours are Tuesday - Friday from 10am - 1pm

To contact FISH and to keep up to date on their needs and resources:

  • Call: 260-563-5151

  • Visit: https://fishofwabash.com/

  • Like them on Facebook @ FISH of Wabash County

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