Wabash County Social Sports Club


Why the Wabash County Social Sports Club? Why not! It’s a great way to meet new people in the community or have a great time with old friends.  We really mean "it’s more social than sport".  Reliving the glory days won’t happen here.

Ready to sign up, only the team captain has to register online and you can do that on the league page. After signing up, the team roster and waivers for non-members of the Wabash County YMCA need to be filled out and turned in prior to play.  Have questions, call Bill Barrows at the Y at 260.563.9622 or by using the contact button.


Free Agent Policy - Don’t have your own team, let us know and we’ll help.  Use the Contact button up top to let us know and someone will be in touch.

Social Policy

  1. Social Sports Leagues are not professional; in fact, they are not even amateur. We all make mistakes so a foot on a line, an inch over the line, a missed call, a bump into a net; they didn’t mean it, they just don’t have perfect abilities. It’s cool….relax, and give them the benefit of the doubt.  Always play fair, you are being given the benefit of the doubt so just don’t be a jerk!

  2. Being a good sport can be hard, especially after a close call or losing a game, we all know that, so everyone needs to keep good sportsmanship.

  3. Cheer at impressively good plays and it’s okay to laugh with each other on an impressively bad play too, regardless of which team benefits from it.

  4. Win or lose, we all can relax afterward, hang out with friends and still make it to work in the morning.

  5. All sports are co-ed.

WCSSC Sports Line Up - click on a link below to see league rules and options.




Blitzball is a goofy game that combines the skill of baseball with the fun of whiffle ball. It’s a fun, new sport that will make the Wabash County Social Sports Club one of your favorite things about Wabash! The curve balls are curvier, the sliders are slidier, and the fun is funnier! Grab some old friends and make some new ones.

Set Up & Rules

  • Indoor - 6 vs 6.

  • Strike zone is non-changing. The ball hitting any part of the pipe is a strike.

  • NO RUNNERS - except for ghost runners.

  • If the count reaches 4 balls then the batters count will go back to 0-0 or a “new count”.

  • If you are Hit-By-The-Pitch you receive a new count.

  • Foul tips will get you more swings.

  • The defense consists of 1 pitcher, 2 midfielders and 3 outfielders.

  • HITS (Blue gym rules)

    • Any ball making it past the pitcher's mound is a single.

    • Any ball off the wall, under the painted stripe is a double.

    • Any ball off the wall, over the painted stripe is a triple.

    • Any ball on the track is a home run.

  • OUTS

    • Any ball that is picked up before reaching the pitcher's mound​.

    • Any ball caught - even after contacting the ceiling.

    • Any ball fielded, thrown and hitting the strike zone on the fly.


It's time to show your friends the skills you've been hiding!

7 on 7 Football at the Field of Dreams with 10-man teams. Grab some old friends and make some new ones! Register online or at the Member Services Desk!


Futsal is a fast-paced, scaled down version of soccer that is played indoors on a hard surface with a smaller, low bounce ball.  Futsal is a 5 v 5 game that demands quick reflexes and pin-point passing and provides unique opportunities for players to develop in decision making, ball control and skillful, creative play.

Set Up & Rules

  • Indoor - 5 vs 5.  Team rosters can have up to 10 players.

  • The team on the field (Blue Gym) consists of 5 fielders.

  • Play will consist of a 5 minute warm up period, 25 minute half, 5 minute half time and 25 minute half.

  • Keep your own score.

For information on any of our adult sports programs, please contact:

Bill Barrows, Director of Sports & Recreation

at 260.563.YMCA(9622) or at bbarrows@wabashcountyymca.org.