Child Watch

The Child Watch room at the Wabash County YMCA is a warm and welcoming space designed for children aged 6 weeks to 8 years. It's a secure and nurturing environment where children can engage in a variety of age-appropriate activities while their parents or guardians use the YMCA facilities.

For the youngest visitors, the room offers soft play areas and gentle activities that cater to infants, promoting sensory development and motor skills. As children grow older, they can explore a wider range of activities, including puzzles, building blocks, and arts and crafts, which are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills.

For school-aged children up to 8 years old, there are more structured activities and games that encourage social interaction, teamwork, and physical activity. The space is thoughtfully organized with different zones, allowing children to choose activities that suit their interests and developmental stages, all under the supervision of caring and trained staff. This setup supports the YMCA's commitment to youth development by providing a safe, engaging, and educational environment where children can learn, play, and grow.