Let the Fun Begin

Looking for the perfect venue for your next special event or birthday party? Look no further than the Wabash County YMCA! Hosting your party at the Y means healthy and fun activities for the kids and ease of planning for you.

With our Rainforest Play Park, family and lap pool, and two gyms, your little party-goers will have a blast climbing, running, swimming, and playing to their hearts' content. Our friendly staff is here to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time and that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Need a break from all the excitement? Our front multi-purpose room provides the perfect space to relax, open presents, or enjoy some delicious cake. Plus, our staff can facilitate indoor rock climbing and other fun events for kids of all ages, adding an extra element of excitement to your celebration.

So why stress over party planning when you can leave it to us? Schedule your next special event or birthday party at the Wabash County YMCA and create unforgettable memories for your child and their friends. Let's make it a celebration to remember!

For more information, contact April Ellis, Membership Coordinator | 260.563.9622 | frontdesk@wabashcountyymca.org