Healthy Living
We are committed to your overall health and well-being! We offer a variety of options to help achieve your goals. To compliment your wellness routine, the YMCA offers a variety of in-person and online classes ( to active members. YMCA360 is a free tool to use, which includes private exercise classes in the comfort of your own home.
Take your workout routine to the next level by utilizing the Wellness Center! Stop by the desk to learn about what each machine does, how it works and moves, how to adjust the weights and seats, and how to make sure you are using machines safely while getting the most out of them.
Group Exercise Schedule
​Additional FREE Programs:
  • First InBody 230 Scale Test (measures BMI, fat, water levels, and more)
  • Person Training Intake Consulation by Certified Personal Trainer Ashley Dale
  • Wellness Challenges​​ (Swim the Great Lakes & 1 Million Pound Challenge)