Total Parkinson's Classes

Unlock the benefits of exercise for Parkinson's Disease with our specialized program designed to enhance balance, mobility, and overall well-being. At the YMCA, we recognize the importance of physical activity in managing symptoms and improving quality of life for individuals living with Parkinson's.

Our program is open to both YMCA members and community participants, welcoming individuals at all stages of the disease. Through tailored fitness plans, we address specific symptoms associated with Parkinson's, including altered balance, bradykinesia, depression, diminished voice volume, freezing, masked facial expressions, rigidity, stooped posture, and walking/gait difficulties.

Our certified instructors are trained to adapt exercises to accommodate varying levels of ability and progression of the disease, ensuring that each participant receives personalized attention and support.

Join us and discover the transformative power of exercise in managing Parkinson's symptoms and promoting overall health and well-being. Enrollment is required, so don't miss out on this opportunity to take control of your health and vitality.

For more information, contact Jill Brown, Group Exercise Coordinator | 260.563.9622 |